"Youth's the season made for joys": Spielpalast finale

"I thought myself Captain Macheath..." -- Boswell's London Journal. Boswell is interesting in the context of blogging as kind of an 'ur-blogger', in his early London Journal -- quite a funny book, full of sex, theater going & debauchery -- he debates with himself, what to write about, and what level of detail is appropriate.

Now there's a man, the living tool of Satan
He charges forth while others are debating
Conniving, cocky knave with all the trimmings
I know one thing will trim him down -- WOMEN.
In women he meets deep authority,
In them he feels his old dependency.

-- Driegroschen Opera

This clip is in no ways nearly as good as the "Seven Minute Sopranos" on YouTube, and it is a pale reflection of the whole elaborate production, but is a slideshow of images from the 2007 Spielpalast Cabaret show set to the Queen of the Night's "Vengeance Aria" from the Magic Flute. Enjoy!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Nice! Queen of the Night goes well with the cabaret!

Jeff said...

...glad you liked it, I enjoyed the show. Maybe by next year I'll have a better camera.