Barre comes alive (?)

On Wednesday we drove over to Barre for a "Taste of Barre" event (ie, free food) but by the time we showed up all the food had been scarfed up except for some very paltry remnants. Still it was a nice night and it was interesting to see what's going on in town. Back in November I drove over to Barre and took some photos of the hard-luck downtown but now two of these formerly vacant buildings have found new tenants. The old Homer Fitts store is now being used by LACE, which has gotten a tremendous amount of press coverage of late, and the Lash building is now home of the appropriately named Granite City Brewpub. Sometimes a brewpub isn't the most attractive dining concept but this place seems quite nice and I can report that the beer was good (thankfully, beer samples could still be had when I showed up).

I hope the new businesses thrive and that Barre comes around a little bit (there's still some vacant storefronts downtown) without becoming too gentrified. I've been driving down the hill into town since I've been living in Vermont and the view hasn't changed too much through the years, it's still an industrial landscape dominated by granite sheds, trucking companies, and other vendors servicing the stoneworking trade.

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