Coupe des Amériques

The Coupe des Amériques (bike race, held in Sutton, Quebec) is this weekend, I looked at the start lists, I see a few familiar names. I did this race many times, always staying in the same cinder-block ski hotel on the finish climb to the resort, and have fond memories of some excellent meals served by beautiful waitresses at various places in town.

I never had a top finish at this race (story of my racing life) but there was one year where I managed to get over the Glen Sutton climb in the quite small and select race leader's group. I was thinking "wow this is cool" as the small group was rolling into town for the finish climb. As we made the turn on Rue Maple and started toiling upwards I looked back and there was a huge group coming up behind us... Cie la vie. I think I wound up like 28th out of 100 starters, overall.

The image is of Onion River Sports rider Chris Cover racing in the criterium. Shortly after this, Chris, who served in the National Guard, volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan, after a year there he returned safely. Something to think about on the coming Independence Day holiday.

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