Just another blog (one of the 'most hated words' of today's Internet -- my nominees would include 'profile', 'comments', 'contacts' or 'friends' -- all the trappings of this anonymously connected environment) posting from the wilds of my backyard. On one hand, by putting material out there, I suppose that I am hoping that someone takes the trouble to look at it, and possibly even respond. But I am a very self-contained person and I make my own way in the world, thank you very much. Every time I sign into Flickr I am greeted (apparently without irony) with "Flickr Loves You" -- which leaves a bad taste my mouth, to say the least.

Enjoy the photos, they came out OK, despite being taken in the twilight. Pound for pound and certainly dollar for dollar I have a pretty capable little camera -- the camera costs less than most SLR lenses, something to think about when I consider splurging for such a setup (need a macro lens, need a midrange 'walkabout' lens, need a telephoto lens...), it would add up rather quickly I think. Plus SLRs are big and heavy and many of the places I take a camera involve a lot of schlepping around.

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