No Internet access

...at the Twin Brook tent platforms, near Mt. Mansfield. I'll hike in this afternoon through Nebraska Notch and spend the night. I have found that this blogging habit was surprisingly easy to break in the past week, hmm, maybe I will put the whole thing on hiatus until Labor Day. But then I'm going to Nepal for most of October, not much Internet access there either, hmm... maybe I will start it up again around Thanksgiving. Or New Years. (Seriously, I may take some time away from the blog, summers in Vermont are short, too short to spend twittering away in front of a computer.)

Also, in my ongoing efforts to use up as much free server space and Internet bandwidth as possible, I have started a new account at "photoblog" that I will run in conjunction with this blogger account. Photoblog, I don't know if the service is long for this world, another sketchy Internet business model, but they do offer UNLIMITED free photo hosting (the catch is, 1 post per day, of up to 20 images). It is a like a crude version of Flickr but Flickr is annoying and I have thousands of images on my hard drive so I will start posting there. My account is publicly viewable and can be viewed here.

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