The silliest VPR commentary ever

To successfully maintain a blog, I think that one must have certain attributes:
  1. Excessive self-absorption
  2. Exaggerated belief that what one has to say is important or interesting
  3. A sure-fire ability to conflate the personal and micro-cosmic and some larger 'truth'
Yesterday as I was getting ready for work I heard a commentary on Vermont Public Radio that demonstrates this in spades (even though I know it's not really a blog posting, the commentator maintains a blog).

In a nutshell, guy goes for walk in woods. Guy lets his dogs off leash, dumb and annoying thing to do. One of the dogs is a
chihuahua, which makes me think of Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell, thank you Mr. Commentator for that image. Coyotes are common in Vermont, a chihuahua would make a nice appetizer for a coyote. Dog disappears in the woods. Family is distraught and major search for missing dog ensues in Middlebury. Friends and complete strangers (including the police) are solicited for information and assistance. Eventually dog is found. This saga becomes a metaphor for the sense of community that still allegedly exists in small town Vermont -- the commentator is leaving the state. I hope he keeps his dog on a leash next time.

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bmike said...

Heard parts of that... not the whole thing.

Here's your man:

Check the 'radio' section. You read the transcript if you want to relive the drama.