Western Swing, Waterbury style / Train coming through

I am starting to like living in Waterbury. The town is not a sprawling congested suburb like parts of Chittenden County, nor is it some a resort town overrun with inebriated tourists four seasons of the year. It is also not too prosperous and upscale while not being down on its luck and shabby.

Summer Thursdays the local Rotary Club sponsors free concerts on the green in the center of town. There's a farmers market as well. Turnout is surprisingly good and crosses the generations...young and old show up. Tonight there was a western swing band playing.

The band featured a girl singer, and the band leader made several jokes about the 'big city' of Burlington.

Waterbury ("Crossroads of Vermont") is on the rail line to Canada. This train came through during the concert.

Boys being boys, they found this quite facinating, and were doing quite dangerous things. I didn't want to document one of these kids losing any body parts under the wheels of the train.

Fortunately nothing untoward happened and once the train passed through some responsible adult lectured the kids about the danger involved. Waterbury's calendar of events is posted here and the town's Independence Day celebration is this coming Saturday -- unfortunately I won't be around.

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