Taken last night on my drive home -- it has been a wet week, and I am still banged up and sore from last weekend's activities, so I have been driving to work, which doesn't please me. I wanted to take photos of storm clouds moving in framed by Nebraska Notch but it is hard to find good places to stop on Route 100, so this will have to do. More images are posted here.

I have started to use my "photoblog" account to host lots of the day to day images that come out of my camera. It's a nice service but no one knows that I have an account there. Also the search utilities are quite limited, but it is free, offers unlimited hosting, and the user base is surprisingly international -- I think most users are from outside the US -- but it is still much smaller than flickr. I like seeing photostreams from places like India or Iran, it's a glimpse of life not frequently seen in the mainstream media.

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