Object of desire

I try not to get caught up in buying things, I have no problem being pretty frugal, one of reasons why I don't watch television (besides not wanting to pay a cable bill!), is that the box was being used mostly pump images of consumption in my house, it was getting to be too tiresome.

Suddenly, however, an urge to acquire a new bike has come over me... not at the end of the season when there are sales, not a used bike, but a bright, shiny new bike, and now. The model I want, however, is a really simple and straightforward design, not some fancy high maintenance rig with suspension that looks like a motorcycle sans motor.

So last night I emailed a small bike shop that is a Redline dealer asking about price and availability on this model. I have a tendency for procrastinating and being indecisive when it comes to major purchases but occasionally I can be decisive and just write a check, the last time I bought a car, it took me just one afternoon, and a bike is a much more fun purchase for me than some expensive, environment-destroying automobile.

I read a review from someone who had this bike and the reviewer wrote that "the bike made him feel like a kid again" and I thought "that's exactly what I need" and also the simplicity of the bike strongly appeals to me at this point. Also there's lots of trails and dirt roads close to where I live -- but there's also lots of hills, perhaps I will end up missing gears, who knows.

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bmike said...

You'll love it. I had their street version - the 9.2.5 - and the first few times I rode it about I felt like a kid. Was wonderful for my commute to my office (1 mile up an 8% grade) and into town for groceries, fun, and friends. It did always feel too small - so I sold it and built up another fun bike - similar in spirit - but able to do dirt and road... and be SS or FG. Oddly the FG and my dutch cargo bike have been ridden more than my titanium custom wonder machine these days.