Outdoor style / Adirondacks in the rain?

As part of my planning for my trip to Nepal I read the autobiography of Tenzing Norgay, the famous sherpa who made the first ascent of Mt. Everest with Sir. Edmund Hillary. I like this picture because it is of two men who are totally at ease in nature in their worn (and logo-less) clothing. It reminds me of a picture I saw at my grandfather's funeral, taken in the 30's sometime, a strong guy in wool pants and wool shirt, holding a big wooden pair of skis, totally old school.

Tenzing's book, Tiger of the Snows, is pretty interesting, his life was one long adventure, he walked in many high and (at the time) uncharted and unclimbed parts of the world. The book was written in the 50's and as such has a pretty 'politically incorrect' tone at times. Tenzing went on expeditions with teams from France, Switzerland, and Britain and it is apparent the the British were not his favorite climbing partners due to their colonial perspectives... teams for other countries treated the native Sherpas more as equals.

I'm leaving to spend a couple of damp nights in the Adirondacks -- writing this is procrastination on packing. Hopefully any thunderstorms will pass me by -- I am not eager to repeat my recent experience near Mt. Mansfield. It is probably the only chance I have to do have this kind of experience this summer (due to the Nepal trip) so I'm heading out regardless of the iffy forecast. I'll stay near a lean-to on Boquet River and will try to spend some time in Dix Range.

Noonmark and Giant

The lean-to/campsite is a few miles down the valley... I doubt there will be views like this on this trip.

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