Where I used to live

Yesterday I volunteered at the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston, it was fun to send kids through a simple bike rodeo course, trying to give them some basic instructions in bike handling and bike safety. I posted a few pictures of this thrilling event here.

After this event concluded I had the opportunity to go sailing on Lake Champlain with a friend who has a pretty impressive sailboat. It was the first time I have sailing on the lake though I have been out in a kayak and taken the ferries many times. It was a great day to be out as it was pretty gusty at the start but the wind did die down as the day went along.

I post this because when I moved about one year ago the total distance involved was only 25 miles... but it seems much further. Moving seems to have cut me off from people I formerly used to spend quite a bit of time with and I no longer participate in events that used to fill up my free time. I notice that when I visit now I almost feel like a tourist. It's very strange. One thing I do miss about living in Burlington, is that it was relatively easier to live without a car...in rural areas driving less takes quite a bit of determination.

But perhaps it was a fortuitous time to move on, when I moved I sold my condo at the top of the real estate bubble, it sold very quickly and for the full asking price. I doubt that would be the case today. Also Burlington has been under one party rule (the progressives) for far too long and now it seems that the bills are coming due. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. The issues facing Burlington also hold true for Vermont as a whole.

The other side of the mountain: Camels Hump from the entrance of Shelburne Bay. Now I live close to the east side of Vermont's second highest peak.

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