GMSR Day 1: Prologue

As I noted, the Green Mountain Stage Race started today in Waitsfield. The weather was awesome and there definitely is more than just a hint of autumn in the air (at previous editions of this race, I have been very cold, shivering, from not dressing warmly enough).

Despite the great weather the day was something of a downer for me as I was unceremoniously kicked out of the passenger seat of Criterium co-director Tom Moody's Porsche Boxster by a loutish prig of a USCF official with no manners at all. I took a picture of the guy and thought about posting it here but why bother to mar my blog with his ugly visage? I've known some officials through the years and some are cool but this guy was most emphatically not cool...I wonder how he deals with strung out racers in the heat of competition.

Some other images from hanging around the start area:

Race day triumvirate of Gary Kessler (Race Director), Al Atwood (Announcer) & Nina LaRosa (Podium Girl -- a big race has to have a podium girl).

Big Al in action, his voice will fill downtown Burlington all day on Monday.

A rider from local team Onion River Sports finds something to smile about.

Video of the finish of the Cat 3 race climbing Appalachian Gap from the east side.

I shot this video as practice for the Pro/Elite race... but I am not a videographer; when the pro/elites came by, I was busy panning and zooming (and was located in a better spot), but I neglected to hit record on my camera. This embarrassment bookended the humiliation that started the day so I stopped in the local Waterbury brewpub on the way home for a consolation beer: Tomorrow is another day.

I quickly uploaded some more images from today here.

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