The 'Grand Depart' date approaches

Exactly 30 days from now, if all goes well, I will be on the ground in Katmandu, Nepal, having endured a very long flight (Burlington to Chicago to New Dehli, 14 hour layover in a filthy airport, then on to Nepal).

Back earlier this year I signed up for this trip because I knew Ongyel and also because I saw it as kind of a belated 40th birthday present for myself. I'm looking forward to the trip but so far the preparations have involved stress, aggravation, physical discomfort (immunizations, yuck) etc. But I'm committed to going now so there is no looking back and I do look forward to being abroad with my camera and also to getting away from my job for a while. I've never really been in a Third World country (though I once took a very rickety train from Belgrade to Athens) so I am sure it will be something of an eye-opening experience for me.

Now that there is less than a month to go before we leave, time will seemingly speed up for me. Every day has some task that needs to be attended to, and I don't want to be spending the night in some unheated Nepalese guest house/lodge and discover that I have forgotten something vital.

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