Hilltop Poultry: Not like buying industrial processed chicken at the grocery store

Federal Hill in Providence is the Italian-American section of the city. I heard while there that the area is becoming gentrified and 'trendy' and that many fashionable restaurants are opening. The new establishments, while outwardly attractive, do strip the area of some its character.

Hilltop Poultry, however, is a definite throwback to the past, although customers can no longer select their own live chicken right on the premises for slaughter and eventual delivery.

The sign says "No exchanges or returns"! I wonder if someone ever served a roast chicken for Sunday dinner, decided that it wasn't satisfactory, and tried to return the chicken on Monday morning.

The proprietor was a pretty talkative guy who was willing to share stories from the 'old days'.

In the Federal Hill area there are several fancy stores featuring imported Italian foods -- gourmet cheeses, meats, olives, etc. Of the places we wandered through, Tony's Colonial Food Store was the nicest... Tony (jr.) was fun to talk to as well, and was quite generous with samples, I can now attest, that real Italian provolone is nothing like the bland domestic cheese that masquerades under the same name. It's always odd for me to speak with someone who grew up in one place and who knows their local community intimately, because this is so unlike my own experience.

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