Localvore that I am & Autotagging the blog

When it came to gardening efforts this year (a new experience for me, my new place came with a small patch of yard), some things I killed at a touch: I planted a packet of wildflower seeds -- nothing happened. Sunflower seeds were planted, they germinated, but were a delicacy for some wild creature, and suffered an amazing 100% mortality rate in the course of three days.

I did, however, buy three tiny pepper plant starters ('plugs') at a nursery this spring -- $0.25 each -- and have carefully nurtured them all summer long. I learned that because the plants are in a small pot that they would dry out and wilt on warm summer days, so my routine before leaving for work has included watering them regularly before the sun gets too strong. I have even periodically fed them liquid fertilizer.

Barring some unforeseen catastrophe (hailstorm or some late arriving pest), my efforts at nurturing the plants should soon pay off: 1 sweet pepper and a handful of hot peppers. It's another way of marking the passing of the season. It's also a great time of year to visit the local farmstands.

I have also added an "autotagging" utility to my blog. This document is very self absorbed (I have noted this fact previously) but it is also very diffuse, so I am not sure that this feature will be helpful, but I will give it a try. The service is still in beta and it does produce some odd results; I noticed that it characterized "Glen Sutton" (a small town in Quebec) as a 'person'.

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