GMSR Day 4: Criterium (damn I'm tired)

I am by nature quiet, introspective and rather introverted, and far from the life of a party: Sometimes I don't play well with others. So it is exhausting for me to be in a role like I had today at the final stage of the Green Mountain Stage Race: To talk basically non-stop to hundreds of people (often having multiple conversations at the same time), without much of a break, from 8:30 am until 6 pm. Add in day-long exposure to the sun and I am basically fried tonight. But the race was a success (it always seems a bit touch and go on the days leading up to the event, but somehow it all comes together) and several racers commented about the high quality of the event and how well things were run, which was gratifying -- though my role in the grand scheme of things was quite minor.

Anyway I didn't have too much time to play with the camera and the day was marked by very challenging conditions anyhow (bright light and deep shadows) so I don't have many decent photos:

Women's sprint leader on Church Street.

Final lap of the criterium.

Final Mens Pro/elite overall podium.

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