GMSR video highlights

I have posted some more vidcaps here.

One last post about the 2007 Green Mountain Stage Race. I had video of Friday, Sunday and Monday which I attempted to edit into something coherent and interesting and have posted on youtube, the compression means that it is very murky and low res, but it is the best I can do. I am a rank amateur at this and I do not have very sophisticated tools...but I have participated in, spectated at, and helped promote plenty of races in my day so I do have some ideas about what is compelling and what is not.

Most of the time this blog dwells upon the trivial and grossly unimportant (like "it snowed last night" or "I managed to raise some peppers this summer") and consequently it gets very little traffic. All this coverage of the stage race, however, produced a quite noticeable surge in visits to the site caused by hundreds of bike racers from all over North America (the GMSR attracts a large Canadian contingent every year) trolling the Internet for images of fleeting glory. Maybe I should just put this project on hiatus until next Labor Day.

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