Tunbridge World's Fair

We drove over to the Tunbridge "Word's" Fair yesterday -- the name is a misnomer, the event is a small agricultural fair in a very small and still quite unspoiled Vermont village. The day was something of a trip back in time for me because from 1988 - 1992 I lived and worked the Randolph area after graduating from college and I had been to this fair once before -- about 15 years ago.

Driving from Waterbury, I exited I-89 in Williamstown and drove past the first apartment I ever rented on my own... it was $175/month, ridiculously inexpensive even then (and I got what I paid for -- the apartment was a tiny studio carved out of the space intended to be the office of the property manager): The building hadn't changed at all, externally at least. It was a pretty nostalgic day for me because this period was when I was really starting to get into cycling competitively and I can remember riding on many of the hilly back roads in this area -- it is truly a beautiful and uncongested part of the state so I was fortunate to have had this experience.

The usual healthy choices of fair food.

Body English in the tractor pull.

The multitudes gather at the hall of the giant pumpkins and other oversized squashes. The largest pumpkin was 501 lbs I think.

The crowd at the pig races -- a late arrival, this was as close as I could get to the action.

Celebrity sighting, Vermont-style: Eva with Rusty Dewees (aka "The Logger").

I'm very busy with work (which is what I should be doing at this moment) and getting ready for the trip to Nepal so I may not be posting much for the next.... 5 weeks or so. While in Nepal I intend to try and keep a journal on paper (hard to imagine) that may eventually show up here in some form or format. I'll see, I need to get safely over there and back first.

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