Where I'm trying to get to: Annapurna

I usually try and avoid using other people's content here but I did find a short clip some guy put together of a recent Annapurna Trek:

The Annapurna Trek In 5 Minutes

When am on this trip I will not be using the camera nearly as obsessively as this person: Batteries and image storage will be tightly rationed. This will be a change for me because most of the time using a digital camera one can be quite profligate taking images -- take 10 photos, hope 1 or 2 turn out OK -- on the trek I will be more cautious and conservative. Using a camera all the time can also detract from the experience of 'being there'.

Less then a week to go! It seems odd to be leaving Vermont at perhaps the nicest time of year, this was the scene in Waterbury Center on the way to work yesterday morning, fog rising in the valley. It has been quite warm so far and no frost, so the foliage is only just starting to change. While I was taking this, in a field off of a dirt road, a tour bus full of tourists rumbled by. I wonder what their guide was saying to them over the PA: "Due to impending global climate change Vermont's legendary fall foliage has been delayed this year, in a few weeks the greenery you see now will be a spectacular display of reds and yellows...." or something like that.

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