Glad to be home: Colors of the Vermont hills

While in Nepal, our group spent about two thirds of our route hiking up the Kali Gandaki River gorge, the deepest river gorge in the world. As we progressed northwards, the landscape became progressively drier and more desert like, at the northern most point, the landscape consisted of brown hills. The wind would blow up the narrow valley in the afternoon and stir up clouds of dust, a harsh and unforgiving environment that reminded me of a setting of a John Ford western (John Wayne in the The Searchers would have been right at home, and the local architecture resembles the adobe construction of the Southwest).

Kagbeni: Green irrigated fields surrounded by brown hills, northward lies Tibet.

After so much hiking through the brown arid landscape (there was one long march, into the hot, dust-laden wind, that felt like something out of Lawrence of Arabia) it was good to spend a warm autumn Sunday enjoying the foliage at the (now closed for the season) state park near my home in Waterbury. Travel is nice and can give a new perspective but home has its comforts as well.

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