The pied piper of Larjung / Images of Nepalese children

These are not great photographs but are some of my favorite images from trekking in Nepal. After arriving at our destination fairly early in the afternoon I went for a walk around the next village with my camera and encountered some schoolchildren who were fascinated by my camera, I wonder if they had ever had someone take their picture and then shown them the results immediately.

After this image was taken, the children crowded around me very tightly, pressing up against me and touching the tiny screen on the back of the camera, chattering away in Nepali (this encounter was conducted in pantomime).

I brought crayons with me ($0.12 a box at Walmart) to hand out to children I encountered on the route, and this proved to be an excellent item to bring and some kids really responded very happily to this small gift. This brother and sister on the way to school stopped to divide the box between them.

This toddler was in a small and unspoiled village off of the main trekking route: He was curious about visitors from the outside world and their strange gear.

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