Returns: Trekking and travel travails

[Written from a lounge in Delhi airport] I am on my way back home to the US after a good three week trip to Nepal. I enjoyed hiking through the countryside and our group had great guides that held us together and showed us the way. I kind of have mixed feeling about trekking because it does involve wandering in a tourist corridor with other foreigners -- but there is no doubt that the Annapurna Himal is still a pretty remote part of the world, and I witnessed some truly spectacular scenery.

This is semi-public Internet access (one has to pay to get into the lounge) so I can't write too much now and also it has been a very long day (up at 4:30 am, then just your average 7 hour flight delay -- thankfully partly spent at a hotel). I will be posting more media from the trip over the weekend I'm sure but here are a couple of quick photos:

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