Two sets of eyes: Nepal images

I should be busy writing about my trip but I'm tired (still -- the trip home was quite gruelling, I don't think my body quite knows what time zone I'm in yet) and also have been spending my time combing through the 4GB of media (photos, some video, and one sound clip) that I brought back with me. I have managed to put together a set of photos on Flickr that is nicely chronologically organized and I have also started posting images to my photoblog account that are more thematically organized... I will keep at this for a while, so check it out.

Going through my photos, I have to say that I am not entirely disappointed but I am not exactly enthralled either. I definitely went on this trip with some vague ideas about self-consciously trying to compose better images and sometimes I was successful and sometimes less so. I also tried techniques of 'street photography'; Kathmandu, which was crowded, noisy and very chaotic was an excellent environment for these experiments.

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