Blogging Bob Dylan: What is popular?

Most of the time, this blog is much pretty ignored by the wider world -- it's too self-absorbed, obscure, diffuse and lost in a vast sea of similar self-created online dreck (I've come across other personal blogs that are much, much better than this one, but others that are much worse). In this context, it's hard to stand out, most months, this blog averages about 150 visitors, and 200+ page views, total.

There have been a few events (cabarets and bike races [and here]) that I have written about that have attracted some small bits of attention, but this is more the exception rather than the rule. I also don't usually post about politics, guns, sex, or other exciting and salacious topics. I once read an article about "How to have a popular blog" and it held up as a model to emulate, a rather witty blog about movies and the film industry, that was liberally sprinkled with images of topless starlets...

My post about the recent Bob Dylan Wannabe Contest, however, was somehow picked up by Expecting Rain, a Dylan fan site that publishes a daily user-compiled list of Dylan links... and this single link resulted in 250 vistors to this site on Thursday, coming from all over the world (lots of Scandinavians & Eastern Europeans). I am sure that this was an anomaly but this shows how the right topic can get picked up and visitors will find it.

The more long-term question is, I suppose, will any of these fleeting and far-flung visitors return? Or did they end up here once, take a quick look, and resume their online wandering in pursuit of information about the enigimatic Bob Dylan? I don't know, but this seems likely to be the case.

In the off chance that anyone does return to take a look, here are some more images from the event, and there's a longer snippet of video up on YouTube as well that includes two complete and very funny performances -- it's worth checking out.

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