Cyclocross coverage from the archives: October 2006

Getting viral (as in 'viral marketing') with it: I sent a link to the video I put together of the West Hill Cyclocross race to the folks at the West Hill shop, thinking they would have an interest, and they posted both a link to the video on YouTube, and a link to this blog, on their site, which has led to a surge in visitors. Who would have guessed that the website for a bike shop in New England gets visitors from the deep south (Alabama, Louisiana) and the far west (Wyoming)?

Since creating new content is hard, one content management strategy is to recycle what you have. In October 2006 I took some pictures at a cyclocross race hosted by Catamount in Williston; it turned out that Vermont's largest newspaper (that's not saying much) was doing a story on this fringe sport... which they illustrated with some of my images. The posts about this are here and here.

There is also extensive coverage of the Green Mountain Stage Race on this blog as I am involved with promoting that event -- it's my one ongoing involvement with competitive cycling. See the September 2007 & 2006 archives for these posts.

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Sara J. Henry said...

Hey, Jeff - thanks so much for sending us a link to your YouTube video and your blog (this is Sara from West Hill Shop, one of the folks who runs the website) - I wanted to email you but couldn't find an email address for you. We love the video! And you inspired us to start a "Blogs We Like" section on our webpage. Thanks again.