Nepal: Mule Trains and Porters

There is little in the way of infrastructure in the Annapurna region of Nepal, roads are few and mostly unimproved. Villages in the mountains are connected to the valleys via networks of paths made up of thousands of steep and unforgiving stone steps. Labor is cheap and animals still carry goods into and out of the region.

In our guesthouses, in the early morning (like 5:30 am) we would hear the sound of mule and donkey trains heading out for the day, it was one of the most characteristic sounds of the whole trekking experience, the animals wear bells similar to the cowbells in Switzerland.

Porters are also common: Men who eke out a living simply by carrying goods to and fro with very minimal gear. I keep adding images to my photoblog account from the trip; here are links to more images of mule trains and porters.

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