Shave and a haircut (in Kathmandu)

A funny sequence of pictures sent to me by Emily Stebbins, who was part of our trekking group in Nepal. I planned on getting my hair cut short prior to leaving the US because I figured that showers might be kind of rare in the countryside. As it turned out showers were common at lodges where we stayed, it was hot water that was scarce. Ongyel, the trip organizer, encouraged me to wait until I arrived in Nepal to go to a barber... for the experience. These photos were taken on a very rainy Saturday in Kathmandu, we left on the trek early the next day.

A vigorous face massage precedes the shave. Ongyel, in the background, is engrossed watching a cricket match being shown on Indian television. This was taken late on a Saturday afternoon, I had last shaved on Wednesday morning before leaving the US.

The cricket match proved more interesting than my being shaved with a large straight razor -- there's a first time for everything, this was a first time experience for me.

After the face massage, shave, haircut, the whole procedure concludes with a brain-rattling scalp massage, it was like the barber drumming on my head. It's too bad there's not a video clip of this because it made an impressive amount of noise -- loud pops and cracks.

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