Would the real Bob Dylan please stand up? 4th annual "Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest", Montpelier

We went to the 4th annual Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest in Montpelier on Saturday, I'd heard of this event before, but this was the first time I had attended. It was also the first time that admission was charged -- the event was a fundraiser for an as-yet unbuilt central Vermont YMCA -- and about 350 people turned out. The performances ran the gamut from very good to campy (a Dylanesque cover of "YMCA" by the Village People) to more amateur and awkward but it was a fun (if long -- there were 19 Dylan wanna-bees) evening.

The winner, "Visions of Johanna", a pretty dead-on Dylan nasal cover, shut your eyes and it was like listening to Blonde on Blonde -- but I'm not sure I would have had this as my #1 performance.

2nd place, she had a good voice, and sang "Don't Think Twice it's Alright". There were only two female performers all night and they both covered this song.

3rd place: A hilarious (and good) cover of "Man Gave Names to All the Animals", see video clip below.

A very campy nasal cover of "YMCA" also very funny and apropos.


strudlesthedog said...

My name is Bill and I performed "Man gave names to all the animals"One of my best friends who I have been playing music with for 15 years was Michael Manion,who did Bob Dylan singing the Ymca Song.I don't tink I've ever laughed so hard as when I saw that performance.How much more fun could we possibly have had.The place had great acoustics,the audience was awesome,The other musicians were really cool people,and it was for a charitable cause.Thanks for blogging on it.If you had any video of this show,that would be great to see again.Thanks,Bill

Jeff said...

Bill Thanks for your comment & I thought your cover was great, I could barely hold the camera from laughing. Unfortunately what's here is about the only video I have but I do have stills of all the performers I think so I may post these in my photoblog account...at some point. Great show!