Cameras interdit: Forbidden images from Saltimbanco

Sunday we drove up to Montreal to see Saltimbanco, a Cirque de Soleil production put on at the Bell Centre. It was an easy trip Montreal was very quiet on a late December Sunday and there were no traffic or parking issues, and we had lunch at a nice quiet Indian restaurant on Peel Street, highly spiced food was just what I needed as I am nursing a cold that makes my head feel like a giant fuzzy cotton ball.

I had seen a Cirque show earlier this year and I don't think that Cirque is quite my cup of tea, maybe I'm too provincial and not sophisticated enough, or perhaps Gallic humor & perversity just don't appeal to me -- though I did enjoy the film Delicatessen recently. At least Saltimbanco did feature an acrobat doing tricks on a very nice fixed gear bicycle, a performance that I did enjoy.

Camera usage is strictly forbidden at these shows and I unfortunately had a very conspicuous front row seat (at one point, one of the performers mussed my hair) so I waited until the finale to covertly take a few photos, holding the camera, wrapped in a scarf, in my lap. I post these here because while I understand why they don't want flashes going off during the production, they also want to maintain control of Cirque images and I am not entirely sympathetic to this goal: Cirque is big business.

In other camera-related news I did order a Pentax K100D Super over the holidays, it's a very small DSLR, and should have greatly improved low-light performance. These images were very quickly cropped and adjusted with Paint.net, a quite nice and simple image editor that is less complex than gimp.

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eva said...

poor you in the front row!! Wow, next time we should put you way in the back with telescope lens.. we should have known better... what a drag you could not take a picture from your seat.......all the gall!!