The continuing saga of my water heater

Wednesday I had the day off from work, I was supposed to go to my mother's place to make meat pies with my sister. My mother is determined to retire and move south away from the long cold dark Vermont winter and so this was really the last hurrah for this annual tradition.

I spent most of the day, however, hanging around my condo, unshaven and unwashed, waiting for a new water heater to be installed and cleaning up the soggy aftermath of the old heater's failure. The installers didn't show up until after 1 pm, I hung around for a couple of hours as they hauled the old heater away and installed a network of new and expensive code-mandated plumbing for the new system. I left before they finished because I did want to see my sister and I was tired of a day's frustration and relative inactivity.

When I returned at about 1opm, however, I discovered that a weld on the new system had failed and water was spurting all over the place. I called the gas company's answering service and got a hold of a technician who came out and reinstalled the system at midnight. I was not impressed by the job done by the first crew, they made some other errors as well, and the failed weld was not a just a little drip drip drip, water was pouring out of the joint.

And, the morning after, it still wasn't right, the intake at the top of the tank was not seated correctly and this required yet a third visit from a technician. I just left my place unlocked for the day as there was no way I could sit around waiting for another visit. The gas company said the new system is OK but I really don't much faith in them at this point but I will see: I was happy to see that things were dry upstairs this morning.

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