First storm of the season

Stormy Monday: The weekend was cold and gray and now the first real accumulating snow of the season is falling today. It would be nice to work from home but I guess I will go to work...eventually. I can do almost every component of my job at home if need be so there is little reason to venture into the office but conditions aren't really that bad... so into the office I will go. With the price of gas continuing to increase it may be that working from home will become economically attractive for me at some point.

Stowe, Vermont: The evening commute -- A plow after a long day clearing town roads.

Sunday, sullen gray skies as the storm moved in. It is almost comical how dark and gloomy Vermont is at this time of year. Daylight is fleeting, pale and wan.

A small woodpecker silhouetted against the overcast sky.

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