Nepal trek video

My office is closed between Christmas and New Years which is nice, however the weather this week is not really cooperating as there has been a thaw and the days are warm and damp and the melting snow has the consistency of mashed potatoes. During the last week of work prior to the break, of course, Vermont had a couple of feet of new powder blanketing the ground: Ski conditions *were* great.

Additionally I have been at home while a few automobile issues get resolved, so I took advantage of the situation to finally sit down and put together a video about my trek to Nepal. It came out "OK", it's not the greatest thing but it does give some narrative sense of the trek. I could add some spoken narration (my camera can function as a digital sound recorder) but the crude editing software was crashing frequently in the course of this project so I was happy to just wrap it up so that it can become part of my generally ignored youtube account.

This image is probably the best photograph I captured while in Nepal. One thing about Nepal, is that there is no zoning, power lines are everywhere (hydropower is abundant in the mountains) so it is difficult to get an image that doesn't have a powerline or two ...

My visa, coming and going.

UPDATE: I suggest viewing the version of this video that is hosted on vimeo, it's much clearer:

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