The death of Youtube? Hi-res video hosting at Vimeo

Google is a strange company, they make tons of money from advertising (a crude but effective system) and plan to take over the world...yet they have a very poorly integrated suite of products (I use blogger, YouTube, Google Earth, Google Maps, gmail, docs, Picassa, all to varying degrees, and these products don't really fit together too well).

Google paid a ton of money for YouTube yet the acquisition really hasn't changed YouTube from what I can see -- I am hardly a YouTube power user. It's still fuzzy videos and a largely infantile user base with lowest-common denominator tastes: I am still astounded by what's popular on the site. I also have no aspirations to become a video auteur especially now that I have just invested in a new still camera.

This morning I was listening to VPR and they had a feature on a new video hosting site, vimeo.com, that offers high resolution video hosting along with a larger array of sharing options: I quickly signed up and uploaded my Nepal trekking video -- I do think that the resolution is noticeably better than on YouTube.

Nepal trekking Sept - Oct 2007 from JG on Vimeo.

If vimeo performs as advertised I will use it to host any videos that I manage to come up with in the future -- the higher resolution makes it very attractive. YouTube is being left behind...

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