"Ideation" is lacking

I was on LinkedIn yesterday and I was looking at some ad agency creative type's profile, and "Ideation" was the job title... as in one who comes up with ideas. (It's also a term used in psychology, and usually is associated with a patient's first contemplation of suicide). "Ideation" is a good succinct summary for what I am lacking at this point in the ongoing development of this online document. It seems to have become more of a burden, like an annoying, never-ending, rather juvenile homework assigment, than anything else.

The local red squirrel contemplates why a grubby, unshaven schlub in a ratty bathrobe insists on pointing a big black camera at him. I have been playing with my new camera quite a bit and am posting frequently to my photoblog account. I know that the images are prosaic and boring but it's really just part of the learning curve and the photoblog account is a useful place to display some of the slightly more memorable images.

One thing about this blog, is that it has now been up and running long enough, so that it records changes in people (ie, myself) and places over time. When I first moved to Waterbury in August of 2006 I bought myself a camera as a small reward for the aggravation of moving. One of the first things I did with that camera (Canon s3is) was a series of photos of Waterbury Dam & which I posted here. On Saturday I went back to the same locale with the new Pentax and a 70x300mm lens and took some more images, the results can be viewed here.

August 2006:

January 2008:

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