On the (January) Waterfront

I don't have the energy to write anything so just some quick photos of the Burlington waterfront from yesterday. There's not a trace of ice in the broad lake or even in the enclosed Burlington harbor... if you look around, changes are evident. I can remember skiing across the broad lake to the New York side, and once riding a mountain bike (very precariously -- no studded tires) on the ice from Oakledge Park to North Beach. I think that such activities will soon be consigned solely to the realm of memory: When I'm old and gray I'll be muttering to myself in some corner about the 'old days' with 'real winters' while crocuses blossom outside my window in January. Kind of a scary vision of the future...

I'm still learning ins and outs of the new camera. One thing that I do like, is the wide angle of the kit lens, it is a new perspective.

An easy winter for the waterfowl so far.

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