Wandering around town...with a new camera

So, I am now the owner of a Pentax K100D Super DSLR camera. I am tempted to refer to it as 'the guillotine' because it has a mechanical shutter that makes an impressive clunk every time a photo is taken... the shutter almost sounds like it could amputate a finger.

This camera isn't as complex as some DSLRs so it didn't take me too long to figure out the basics -- but there are many features and settings to be explored so as to get the optimal output out of the camera. The kit lens has a very different range of apertures than what I am used to and the camera body has totally different sensitivity and white balance settings so I need to learn what works best in what circumstances.

I walked to town today to go to the bank and took the camera with me. These are not the greatest images by any means but they do show Waterbury under a thick blanket of snow on a gray January day. There are images of the same area taken quite recently with my previous camera posted here by way of comparison.

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