Cold sunrise & hot fat: Pictures from a Sunday morning

I have not spent too much time yet with my new camera. It's winter, the days are short and dark, sometimes I bring it to work, but nothing much seems to come of this.

With this in mind, today I resolved to get up with the sunrise and head out to the reservoir to try and capture the first light hitting the east side of Ricker Mountain and the bowl-shaped drainage that flows into the lake. It was quite cold (almost zero f) and as taking photos involves a lot of standing around, various extremeties were freezing, and I quickly learned how to operate the camera while wearing thick gloves. I don't think these are the greatest images, and the scene is not as dramatic as sunrise on Poon Hill, and I am still learning the ins and outs of the camera. Also the photos were taken with the relatively inexpensive kit lens that came with camera, because it is the widest-angle lens I have (something like the Sigma 10 - 20 mm zoom would be interesting, but the price is pretty fearsome).

First image, 6:52 am: I woke up very early and then managed to get to Waterbury Center reservoir access late for the 6:39 sunrise, I had to jog through the cold to get to a vantage point.

About fifteen minutes later (7:07 am to be exact), sunlight is starting to fill the valley. Ricker Basin is a prominent theme in this blog (moose, deer, coyotes, the changing climate, getting lost, getting found, etc.) it's all on this patch of land.

Looking back at my (unused) tripod and a thermos of coffee that promptly froze shut in the cold. I've carried this thermos bottle with me on many winter activities and this is the first time this has happened.

A little later, in Waterbury Center as the sun rose higher in the sky.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill opens at 8 am sharp, even on Sundays. Thanks to Jamie for letting me slip behind the counter to grab a few quick shots of the doughnut making machine. Over the years I have ingested my share of cider doughnuts deep fried in this device, thankfully usually coming or going from some sort of outdoor activity (variations on hiking, biking, skiing) in the Stowe area.

Breakfast, after the thermos thawed out: Hot doughnuts and lukewarm coffee.

And a last image from after I got home (and warm), life au naturel: if you have an itch, scratch. There are probably hundreds of images of this squirrel on my hard drive.

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