"Everybody Stares" or, Where I wish I had been, but was not, a long time ago

Thanks to the really quite good DVD collection at the Stowe library, I recently watched the film Everybody Stares. Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police had an interest in film and photography so he shot lots of Super 8 film while in the band from the period after they formed up until internal dissensions started to pull the trio apart, and recently sat down and tried to edit the footage into a coherent whole with some narrative direction. The film isn't an expose of how a band comes together and then inevitably breaks up, nor is a piece of cinéma-vérité, as the band became popular, Stewart Copeland became a famous guy with a camera, and fame skewed reality -- something he acknowledges in the film.

Anyway my purpose isn't to review this film or to recap the history of The Police -- it's to relate it to my own hazy memories of the past. When I was in high school, I lived outside of Stuttgart, Germany and many major bands played at the local concert venue (I saw Queen, Santana, Joan Baez, as well as some others I won't fess up to -- I was in high school at the time, and there's no accounting for taste). There's footage from the early years of The Police in the film, when the band was first showing up on German television, as well as from early performances at various European music festivals.

Seeing this footage really hurled me back in time, it was like watching Rockpalast (I still have a cassette, though I don't know if it's playable, of an excellent early Joe Jackson performance from a Rockpalast show) and corny stuff like the Eurovision song contest all over again. Furthermore, while I was in high school, it must have been 1981 or 1982 or so, The Police played the Sindelfingen Sporthalle, right next to where I lived, tickets weren't that hard to get -- the show may not have even sold out -- and I DIDN'T GO. Oh well -- cie la vie, it would have been fun.

So Lonely: An early Police video recorded in this time period.

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