Found drama on a Sunday morning

The camera was still set up from Friday so I pointed it at the bird feeder and set it to go off every two minutes. The red squirrel uses the feeder as his personal snack bar.

The local paper reported recently that Vermont is having an influx of owls this winter because the rodent population in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Valley has crashed and the birds have relocated here. I have kept my eyes open but haven't seen any while out and about.

Personally, between the pigeons and the squirrels in this area, a little raptor activity would be a good thing. The pigeons (see video), in particular, are not particularly welcome visitors.

The above images were taken with my new Pentax and an inexpensive 70x300mm telephoto lens. I'm still learning the ins & outs of this new setup: These were taken in Program (auto) mode and are a lot better than most of my efforts using more manual modes so far...

Found drama from JG on Vimeo.

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