Greetings from the Mt. Hunger summit

No, it's not the Michelin Man, it's me, in a poofy jacket, trying to stay warm on a cold and windswept summit. Going up is relatively sheltered and hard work -- it warms you right up -- but when one arrives at the summit, it is both very exposed, and one is just standing around -- it gets cold in a hurry. I think it was about 10 f and there was a good brisk steady wind blowing.

Earlier in the week, Ongyel (we have climbed Mt. Mansfield, Mt. Washington, Camels Hump, and [ill-fatedly] Algonquin together) emailed me: "I'm meeting a friend to climb Mt. Hunger on Saturday" -- I replied "Sure I'll come along." I had no idea that this was some huge outing with like 30 other people at least. I usually don't enjoy big mobs in the outdoors, however the climb was steady enough so that the group did stretch out. Apparently I still have some fitness as I eventually wound up with the front group and punched my way through the snowfields at the top. But I was quite taken aback at the meeting point because the parking lot was full and I said, "um, are all these people hiking today" and the answer was "yes".

My small and closely bounded little patch of the world. Camels Hump, Waterbury, the reservoir, even my condo unit, are in this image. It was fiercely cold, windy and very bright so I would just stand up quickly in the wind, put the camera to my face, click, and duck back down again.

Stowe off in the distance: A very cold day to be Alpine skiing, but great snow conditions. Tomorrow I am planning an arduous ski in the reservoir to try and find the Woodward Mountain ski trail. Google is not omniscient: There are few online references to this rumored ski trail that I have found. If I am successful (ie, if I don't break a leg and freeze to death in the woods) I will post images and gps data here because it will be somewhat unique information that is apparently not available anywhere else.

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