Snow and sleet

This is what the future looks like, and it's not pretty. A layer of cold air was overriden by a warm wet storm aloft and instead of snow it was sleeting hard most of the day and the forecast calls for freezing rain tonight. There's not much snow cover at this time and I haven't been out on my Nordic gear at all this season.

Snow and Sleet, 2/1/2008 from JG on Vimeo.

I set up my little Canon (as opposed to the 'big Pentax') on a tripod and set it to go off at four minute intervals for the afternoon as the snow changed to sleet -- I was working from home.

My 'new' camera lacks some of the features of my Canon s3is -- like an intervalometer. From a little before noon until sunset I could hear the camera wake up, focus, take a photo, and then go back into sleep mode. The DSLR also lacks video/sound recording capablities.

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