Snow on 02-06-08

The repetition of content here is just emblematic of my lack of ideas & declining enthusiasm for this document at this point in time. Plus my camera is absorbing much of my current spare time which isn't such a bad thing.

Anyway the most snow of the season has fallen here in the past 24 hours. The commute yesterday was harrowing, I should have stayed home for a couple of hours, it would have saved quite a bit of aggravation. The photo shows traffic backed up on Rt 100 near Stowe as an 18 wheeler missed the curve and took out a utility pole, causing a big commotion with lots of utility workers and multiple tow trucks involved in cleaning up the mess.

And a short time lapse video showing the complete lack of activity in my neighborhood on a snowy day.

Snow on 02/06/08 from JG on Vimeo.

More images from the snowy day here.

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