A long way down

No, it's not a chart predicting future levels of US economic activity, or the potential future sale price of my condo, or the value of my severely underfunded IRA account... it's the profile from skiing back to my car on Sunday. Rather than sliding along the blazed and worn in trail I just found a likely spot and descended down the ridge. Somewhat to my surprise I was able to link turns in the woods and enjoyed the trip back.

When I first purchased backcountry touring gear (three years ago I think) I wondered if I would get enough use out of the equipment. Since moving to Waterbury, however, I have made some pretty challenging trips criss-crossing this patch of land and venturing further and further off-piste. Next year I may try and spend a few days in the Adirondacks in the winter so that could do some ski touring in the High Peaks area -- I miss being closer to the area and access to the higher mountains.

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