Ricker Basin: One last ski

I will spend Easter Sunday going for one last ski in Ricker Basin. There's still lots of snow (though I won't discover what conditions are until I get out into the woods and start climbing.) There's some fresh snow but there has been quite a bit of rain as well.

More images of Vermont mountains taken on Saturday are posted here.

And here are some images from the trip. It was a beautiful cloudless but quite cold day. Surprisingly considering it was Easter Sunday I saw one logger working in the woods -- and I didn't meet any other skiers.

The route in, up the widest logging road in Ricker Basin-- it's almost as wide as Route 100.

Skiing through open hardwood forest. The trees were creaking and groaning as the sun warmed things up.

Ice near the top of the ridgeline.

I climbed up a bowl that is heavily used by backcountry skiers because of its proximity to Bolton Valley.

Me and my shadow, heading back to the reservoir in the afternoon. The skies were deep blue and cloudless all day.

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