What March in Vermont looks like

A period of freezing rain on Saturday afternoon. Friday was warm, Saturday was wet and stormy, and Sunday is much colder and windy. Despite all the rain there is still many feet of snow in my small and dark front yard, which, based on the experience of last year, will probably persist for at least another month.

The dismal weather just gives me some time to play with my camera and extend and improve upon my rather slender image processing abilities.

These images were taken with my Tamron 70x300 mm lens (discussion of this bargain-priced item here) and I think that this lens probably works best outdoors on cloudy days because it needs a fair amount of light (it's 'slow') but it also can be prone to purple fringing effects in high contrast situations. But it worked pretty well in the flat natural light of this gloomy morning.

I have been also experimenting with open source imaging tools (I really don't like the software that came with camera): These were processed from RAW files using ufraw and gimp. I find that this is very time consuming but the level of detail is pretty impressive. The images posted here are compressed jpegs.

It wouldn't be an image post from the wilds of my backyard without a photo of the red squirrel, looking rather bedraggled in the cold rain on a gray March day. Spring will come, eventually.

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