2008 Gravel Grinder ride, Waterbury

Today I participated in an organized dirt-road ride sponsored by a local bike shop; the proceeds went to fund improvements for the local trail network. It featured climbs up some of the local hills which, while not hugely long, do boast of some impressively steep sections, and the total climbing came to something like 3,000 vertical feet -- this last tidbit from the shop's website.

The start: Great weather & lots of local interest made for a good turnout.

Off the back as usual. I don't know what it is but my mtb with its 1x9 drivetrain setup feels very portly on the road: It takes a lot of ommph to get this rig up to speed. This was the last I saw of most of the people in this picture... I think I am in OK shape and I finished the ride without being unduly sore or tired, I just didn't go very fast. Que sera sera, it wasn't a race. And I did stop to fiddle with the camera more than once.

I descended Loomis Hill holding my Canon Powershot s3is in one hand while steering the bike and feathering the front brake with the other: Kids, don't try this at home, it wasn't a very stable ride. Here's a short video I put together when I got home:

2008 Gravel Grinder ride, Waterbury VT from JG on Vimeo.

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Bob said...

Whooooaaaa! one handed, nice shootin' Tex!!!!