The Boxcutter Cabaret @ On the Rise Bakery

Images from the "Boxcutter Cabaret" show at On the Rise Bakery in Richmond 03/31/08. We had a great time and as it really is the cabin fever time of year (gray skies, melting snow, mud, fog, etc.) it was good to get out of the house for the evening. This group is made up of Bread and Puppet Theater alumni and it was a very entertaining show (more 'funny' than 'political' -- a good thing). I would definitely see this group again.

The prelude to the show.

Punch and Judy have at it.

Incandescent light bulbs take over the world...

"Leo the Human Xylophone"

These images were taken with a cheap plastic 5omm Vivitar lens (manual focus -- see previous post) set at f/1.9 (widest setting) which meant that the depth of field was razor-thin. The ratio of 'keepers' to 'rejects' was about 1 in 8 or so but I am somewhat satisfied with images that did come out. I posted a few more images here in my photoblog account.

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