Found drama continues: All things must pass

All things must pass (Melting Snow) from JG on Vimeo

I had speculated that the snow in my front yard would last until May 1 but the weather warmed up nicely, and more critically, I was so displeased with the mass of dirty snow and ice under my kitchen window that I would attack it with a snow shovel daily when I came home from work, throwing shovelfuls of snow on a bank that does get more sun.

Yesterday, despite being cold and blustery, marked the final end of the snow. Now I get to look out on a dirty soggy mess but it's still more appealing than what was there before. I know -- like everything else here -- it's hardly momentous (the ice out at Joe's Pond was once covered in the NYT, for example) but it still does mark a welcome changing of the seasons for me.

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