Raw video: The descent of Loomis Hill

My "Gravel Grinder" video was linked to by the host shop's blog and is proving to be quite popular in this small part of the world. People seem impressed that I could ride a bike and hold a camera at the same time.... as a former road racer, I logged a lot of miles on a road bike and could take off and put on various pieces of clothing (arm warmers, knee warmers, vest, jackets, etc.) as well eat on a bike, so riding with one hand (or even no hands) is not that big a deal. Also, I did not bomb this descent by any means, I rode very gingerly -- the bike is rigid, so any bumps are absorbed by the rider.

This clip does illustrate something of the 'creative process' because by itself, it is pretty boring...whereas I actually did like the edited version that I posted. It's not exactly Citizen Kane or even Breaking Away... but it is kind of amusing, and does give some sense of the event.

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