Thamel a go-go

Love, love me do.
You know I love you,

I'll always be true,
So please, love me do.
Whoa, love me do.
As sung by a Nepalese cover band in the KTM bar, Thamel, Kathmandu.

What I remember of this band was that they were ok musicians but there was absolutely no improvisation in their playing at all -- all members of the band were completely 100% in synch -- it was odd. I was in this bar, drinking beer (which I didn't need) and watching the Indian version of ESPN -- cricket & soccer coverage -- with Ongyel and one of his cousins on my next-to-last night in Nepal, October 2007.

I post this bit of digital ephemera here because keeping this feeble blog alive does let me peer into the
information-seeking subconcious collective mind of the Internet, which is just a fancy and pretentious way of saying I do peruse the keywords and search terms used by the occasional readers of this site. Some users have landed -- to their disappointment, I'm sure -- on a post I wrote about getting a haircut in Kathmandu, which included references to a brain-rattling scalp massage: 'Massage' being the operative word. "Kathmandu red light massage" was one search term someone from the Netherlands punched in once and there have been a few other variants on this theme as well.

Anyway, the band at the KTM bar broke off early, so we headed out to further explore the nightlife of Thamel (Kathmandu tourist district), somehow we wound up in a 'dance club', the strangeness of the atmosphere of this place is hard to describe. It wasn't a topless club, there were dancers on the stage, but they were fully clothed in skimpy costumes, and the moves were quite amateur -- it reminded my of watching "Star search" or something. The music was mostly pulsing Indian pop and the crowd was mostly Nepalese, I may have been the only westerner in the place.

To make a long story short, we were in this joint, and a 19 year old Nepalese go go dancer was hanging all over me, she did not want to be alone when her shift was done -- she told me this quite explicitly, her tongue was in my ear. I assume that this girl had three possible motives: 1) Just looking for a hedonistic good time 2) Sex for cash, Nepal is a very poor country or 3) She had visions of a green card via coupling with me. Or maybe it was a setup to have me mugged and robbed...? Anyway for a complex array of motivations I did not succumb to the opportunity, I just tipped her handsomely and sent her on her way when we finally left the place at around 1 am.

One funny aspect of this night was that Ongyel's cousin was someone still kind of new to city life and also didn't really get out too much so the whole scene was definitely an eye-popping experience for him -- I'm sure it's still pretty fresh in his mind. So for all those who land here searching for "Erotic massage Kathmandu" and other variants, I'm sure that you can find what your looking for in the tourist district at night.

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